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Review Summary 📋

Thrillzz offers a refreshing twist on sports betting by merging social interaction with sports predictions. Users can compete against friends in predicting outcomes across various sports markets, from the NFL and NBA to MLB and NHL. What makes Thrillzz stand out is its dual-currency system: Thrillzz Coins for casual play and Thrillzz Sweeps for winning actual prizes. Mobile access is central to its design, though desktop users can register and gather information via a static site. Financial transactions are smooth, supported by credit/debit cards, international bank transfers, and Skrill. Situated in Denver, Colorado, Thrillzz complies with US social gaming and sweepstakes regulations, ensuring a legal and secure environment for its users.

Highlights ⭐

  • Social Sportsbook: Thrillzz allows users to make sports predictions and compete against friends, creating a social and interactive experience.
  • Virtual Currencies: Thrillzz uses two virtual currencies: Thrillzz Coins for fun, non-monetary gameplay and Thrillzz Sweeps for the chance to win real cash prizes.
  • Loyalty Program: The platform offers a loyalty program where users earn points by making picks and sharing them with friends, leading to rewards and increased levels.
  • Sweepstakes Prizes: Users can win real cash prizes by collecting Prize Tickets, which can be redeemed for cash once a minimum of 50 tickets is reached.

Pros & Cons

  • User-Friendly Interface: Thrillzz offers a clear and intuitive layout, making it easy for new players to navigate and start making sports predictions quickly.
  • Social Aspect and Community: The platform allows users to team up with friends, create squads, and compete on leaderboards, adding a social and competitive element to the gameplay.
  • Free-to-Play and Sweepstakes Prizes: Thrillzz provides free Coins and Sweeps for new players, with the opportunity to win real cash prizes through sweepstakes tickets, making it a fun and rewarding experience.
  • Variety of Sports and Markets: The platform covers a wide range of sports, including NFL, NBA, MLB, and international leagues, offering various markets such as win markets, spreads, and over/under.
  • Limited Availability
  • No Desktop App
  • Limited Payment Options
  • No Live Chat Support

Casino Facts

📅 Established Date
🏢 Company Name
Thrillzz Inc
⚽ Sports
📺 Live Gaming
☎️ Support
Email, contact form, social media.

Website Languages 🌐


Software 💿


Payments 💳

Visa, Amex, Discover, Skrill


Multi – Rating

Overall Rating 3.6

Bonuses and Promotions 4.0/5
License & Security 3.5/5
Support 3.0/5
Game Library 4/5


For those looking to engage in social sportsbook gaming, there are several promotions and bonuses available to enhance the experience.

Welcome Bonuses

New players receive 3,000 Thrillzz Coins and 3 Thrillzz Sweeps upon creating an account, allowing them to start making sports picks immediately. First Purchase Bonus: A 100% matched bonus is available on the first purchase of Thrillzz Coins, up to $25.

Loyalty Program

Earned by making sports picks with Thrillzz Coins and sharing picks with friends. These points increase the player's level, leading to virtual rewards such as free Sweeps.

Ongoing Bonuses

Free Thrillzz Coins and Sweeps are available through regular bonuses, including logging in every 24 hours. Leaderboard Rewards: Climbing the leaderboards can result in additional rewards and recognition.

VIP Program

Although not explicitly mentioned, the loyalty program and regular bonuses suggest a focus on rewarding consistent players and encouraging social interaction.

Is Thrillzz Legit?

As an iGaming journalist, I've delved into numerous platforms, and Thrillzz stands out for its commitment to player satisfaction and safety. Their secure encryption reassures users about data protection. What truly impressed me were the responsible gaming tools; setting time limits and easy access to breaks highlight their dedication. The emphasis on community and social interaction adds to the overall experience, making it not just another sportsbook but a place where responsible gaming is genuinely prioritized.

Thrillzz Games


NBA, NCAAB, and WNBA fans can immerse themselves in numerous games tailored to these leagues. Whether you enjoy predicting who will win the next NBA championship or what team will dominate in women's basketball, the variety here is extensive. Thrillzz features a mix of live betting, season-long leagues, and fantasy sports, ensuring constant engagement and excitement throughout the basketball seasons.


Thrillzz stands out with its extensive NFL and NCAAF offerings. Players can select from detailed season-long fantasy leagues, head-to-head matchups, and in-game prop bets. This range ensures that whether you're a die-hard college football enthusiast or a professional football analyst, you'll find engaging options that keep you returning for more.


For baseball lovers, the MLB offerings are nothing short of a home run. Engage in games across daily, weekly, or season-long formats, predicting player performances or game outcomes. These diverse formats, combined with fantasy drafts and prop betting, add layers of excitement and complexity to each baseball season.


NHL enthusiasts will appreciate the range of hockey games available. From fantasy leagues and daily matchups to in-game betting on various stats like goals, assists, and saves, Thrillzz ensures that each hockey night can be an exciting adventure. It’s an excellent place to leverage detailed knowledge of the sport.


Soccer offerings cover major leagues such as the Bundesliga, MLS, Premier League, and UEFA Champions League. You're spoilt for choice with a plethora of match-related bets, fantasy leagues, and prediction games. This variety caters to fans seeking both domestic and international soccer excitement.


Golf enthusiasts will find games related to both PGA and LIV events. Engage in fantasy golf leagues, prop bets, or tournament predictions. These different formats provide an engaging way to follow your favorite golfers and track tournaments worldwide.


With ATP and WTA tour coverage, tennis fans can indulge in a variety of games. From daily match predictions to fantasy leagues spanning entire tournaments, the options provide ample ways to stay involved. Each match can bring new opportunities for strategic betting and game participation.


For fans of mixed martial arts, UFC games offer an array of betting opportunities. Predict fight outcomes, engage in fantasy leagues, and place in-fight bets on events like knockouts or submission wins. These elements create an immersive experience for any MMA aficionado.


WBA boxing events feature prominently, with games centered around predicting fight outcomes or specific rounds. This ensures that boxing enthusiasts can add an extra layer of excitement to match days. The combination of traditional bets and fantasy leagues maintains engagement throughout boxing seasons.


Motorsport fans can dive into NASCAR and F1 games, which include season-long fantasy leagues, race-specific predictions, and prop bets. Whether you're invested in the intricacies of motor racing or a casual viewer, these games add excitement and engagement to each race day.

Purchase and Redeem Options

Thrillzz offers two primary virtual currencies: Thrillzz Coins and Thrillzz Sweeps, essential for participating in the platform's sports picks and sweepstakes prizes. To purchase Thrillzz Coins, users can utilize various payment methods, including credit cards and online payment services. I've noticed a straightforward transaction process, with clear instructions and minimal delays.
Once purchased, these currencies can be redeemed for tickets to enter sweepstakes, a thrilling way to convert virtual winnings into tangible rewards. However, it's important to be mindful of the specific purchase and redeem limits set by the platform to avoid any surprises.

Payment MethodDepositWithdrawal
Interac✅ Available
✅ Available
✅ Available

✅ Available
✅ Available

✅ Available

Thrillzz User Experience

As an iGaming journalist, exploring Thrillzz felt different due to its unique offering. The platform strictly adheres to sports picks and sweepstakes, shunning traditional table games. Its user interface is streamlined with a focus on live and pre-game picks for major leagues like NFL and NBA. Upon landing, I noticed immediate access to win markets and spreads. The vibrant design mirrors a typical sportsbook, immersing users in a sporty atmosphere. Top sections highlight live events, while the bottom areas guide you through upcoming matchups.

Overall, the layout supports swift engagement with sports events, clearly deviating from the conventional iGaming structures. The lack of casino tables did not deter the social and interactive essence Thrillzz aims to provide.


Thrillzz offers several purchase methods, including Visa, Amex, Discover, and Skrill, with a compelling first purchase bonus of 100% up to $25. Their coin packages frequently include bonus Sweeps. Prize Tickets can be redeemed for real cash at a rate of $1 per Ticket, with a minimum redemption of 50 Tickets. Payments are processed via ACH transfer to the player's account. Overall, Thrillzz provides a straightforward and rewarding experience with various payment options and cash redemption through ACH transfer. Their bonuses and inclusion of bonus Sweeps in coin packages add value for players.


1. How is the user experience at Thrillzz designed?

The user experience at Thrillzz is designed to be intuitive and visually appealing with a clean and professional design.

2. What features help users understand how the site works?

Explanatory sections complemented by graphics and images help users understand how the site works.

3. How can users access the mobile site directly from the home page?

The home page includes a QR code that allows users to load the mobile site directly.

4. How can users contact customer support?

Users can contact customer support through email and a contact form.

5. What options are available for filtering search results?

Users can filter their search based on sports, leagues, and pre-game or live events.
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