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Review Summary 📋

Funzpoints Casino, operated by Woopla Inc., debuted in 2019 as a unique online sweepstakes casino tailored for U.S. residents, except those from Idaho, Washington, and Michigan. Unlike traditional online casinos, Funzpoints focuses on a range of in-house developed slot games and a Paintball Keno game rather than table games or live dealer options. Notable features include Visa, MasterCard, Instant Debit, and Amex payment methods, dual currencies (Standard and Premium Funzpoints), and a variety of bonuses. The platform ensures secure transactions via PCI compliance and robust encryption. Users benefit from responsible gaming measures like spend limits and self-exclusion. While it offers engaging games and a robust security setup, its game variety and payment methods are limited.

Highlights ⭐

  • Daily Jackpot Prizes: Funzpoints offers daily jackpot prizes, with a prize pool of $1,000 split among 100 lucky tickets.
  • Sweeps Prizes Available: Players can win sweepstakes prizes by playing in Premium mode.
  • Bespoke Software: Funzpoints uses bespoke software developed in-house by Woopla Inc., providing a unique gaming experience.
  • Two Playing Modes: The casino offers two playing modes: Standard mode for entertainment purposes and Premium mode for the chance to redeem real money prizes.

Pros & Cons

  • Daily Jackpot Prizes: Funzpoints offers daily jackpot prizes, providing players with the opportunity to win real money.
  • Sweeps Prizes Available: The casino offers sweeps prizes, which can be redeemed for real money.
  • Bespoke Software: Funzpoints uses bespoke software, providing a unique gaming experience with in-house developed games.
  • Free Funzpoints Every 3 Hours: Players receive free funzpoints every three hours, allowing them to continue playing without needing to make a purchase.
  • No loyalty program
  • No e-wallets available
  • Limited bonus offers
  • No table games or live casino games

Casino Facts

📅 Established Date
🏢 Company Name
Woopla Inc.
⚽ Sports
📺 Live Gaming
☎️ Support
email, phone, written requests by email

Website Languages 🌐


Software 💿

Woopla + More

Payments 💳

Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, Instant Debit


Multi – Rating

Overall Rating 3.2

Bonuses and Promotions 3.5/5
License & Security 3.0/5
Support 3.0/5
Game Library 3.5/5


In the competitive world of online casinos, finding a platform that provides robust promotional offerings can be a game-changer. This article dives into the range of enticing promotions that make Funzpoints Casino stand out from the crowd.

Welcome Bonus

A warm introduction awaits new players with the impressive Welcome Bonus. This promotion grants additional points upon sign-up, giving users a substantial head start and an opportunity to explore the platform with greater freedom.

Daily Promotions

Daily Promotions are a staple here, ensuring that every day brings something new and exciting. These offers often include point boosters, free spins, and special mini-games, rewarding regular engagement and adding an extra layer of excitement to each visit.

Weekly Sweepstakes

A highlight feature is the Weekly Sweepstakes, where players can enter to win big prizes simply by participating in the games they love. These sweepstakes provide a thrilling chance to convert regular play into significant rewards.

Loyalty Rewards

Funzpoints also values its dedicated users through its Loyalty Rewards program. The more one plays, the more points they earn, which can be exchanged for various perks, fostering a sense of appreciation and loyalty among the player base.

Limited-Time Events

Frequent Limited-Time Events offer seasonal or holiday-themed promotions that add variety and excitement to the gaming experience. These events typically come with exclusive offers and higher-than-usual rewards, making them highly anticipated by the community. Funzpoints Casino's promotional strategy is designed to keep players engaged and rewarded consistently, significantly enhancing the overall gaming experience.

Is Funzpoints Casino Legit?

Having explored Funzpoints Casino, I can attest to its unique charm as a legitimate social and sweepstakes platform. Launched in 2019, it has consistently delivered enjoyable gaming experiences, proving its trustworthiness. Accessible in most US states via desktop and mobile browsers, Funzpoints provides an array of 60 video slots fueled by bespoke software. Offering both Standard and Premium modes, the casino enables players to switch seamlessly between entertainment and the chance to win real money, engaging its audience with daily jackpot and sweeps prizes.

Funzpoints Casino Games

Video Slots

With a portfolio of 60 video slots, Funzpoints Casino provides a commendable array of engaging gameplay experiences. These slots are categorized into Standard and Premium modes. While Standard mode offers an enjoyable selection of games, Premium mode includes an even wider assortment. Notable slot titles include “Bison Blast” and “The Great Outdoors.” The bespoke software powering these slots ensures a seamless and unique gaming experience, distinguishing Funzpoints from its competitors.

Seasonal and Themed Games

Funzpoints excels in offering seasonal and themed games that cater to diverse interests and times of the year. Titles such as “Holiday Hustle” and “Spooky Spins” become available during their respective seasons, providing a fresh and timely twist to the game library. These games often include thematic graphics and special bonus features appropriate for the season, making them a delightful addition to the roster.

Jackpot Games

Though limited in this category, Funzpoints does introduce exclusive jackpot games that appeal to those seeking high-reward opportunities. With progressive jackpots that grow with each play, titles like “Jackpot Jam” provide an exhilarating way to potentially win big. These offerings are part of the Premium selection, emphasizing the casino's commitment to enhancing player excitement through unique gameplay and substantial rewards.

Purchase and Redeem Options

When it comes to purchasing and redeeming at Funzpoints Casino, the process is straightforward and user-centric. To purchase Standard and Premium Funzpoints, players can choose from various fixed-price packages using a credit or debit card. The minimum purchase starts at $4.99, offering good value for extended play.

Redeeming Funzpoints for cash is equally simple; players need to accumulate at least 2,000 Premium Funzpoints, corresponding to a cash value of $20. When you reach this threshold, you can initiate a withdrawal directly to your bank account, with transactions typically processed within 3-5 business days.

Payment MethodDepositWithdrawal
Interac✅ Available
✅ Available
✅ Available

✅ Available
✅ Available

✅ Available

Funzpoints Casino User Experience

Funzpoints Casino surprises with its inventive approach to classic table games. Paintball Keno adds a playful twist, compelling players to mark numbers using a virtual paintball gun, creating a lively and interactive experience. Four Seasons follows a similar Keno-style format, offering a familiar yet slightly varied gameplay.

What stands out is the option to choose between Standard and Premium modes, catering to different engagement levels—free play or pursuing tangible rewards. The user interface is intuitive, with game options clearly laid out, allowing easy navigation between different modes and games. The vibrant, polished graphics and seamless controls contribute significantly to an immersive user experience. It’s a refreshing blend of easy navigation and engaging gameplay.


Funzpoints Casino offers a unique experience with its accessible game selection. Playing felt smooth, thanks to a straightforward purchase system. Options for purchasing Funzpoints via Visa, MasterCard, Instant Debit, and Amex were clear, with packages starting from $4.99.

Redeeming Premium Funzpoints, starting at 2,000 (=$20), was just as simple, provided you met the wagering requirement. Although the 1-3 days processing time felt standard, knowing a third party verified my request added an extra layer of trust. New Yorkers and Floridians have a high daily limit, ensuring enthusiastic players stay engaged. Funzpoints' commitment to PCI compliance further reassured me of my data’s security.

Overall, it’s evident Funzpoints Casino is built with a user-first approach, blending ease of use with transparency.


1. What is the user experience like at Funzpoints Casino?

The user experience at Funzpoints Casino is characterized by a clean and intuitive design, making it easy to navigate. The site is available on both desktop and mobile browsers, with no dedicated app.

2. How easy is it to navigate the Funzpoints Casino site?

The site is easy to navigate, with clear and contrasting colors that separate different elements, making it simple to find what you need.

3. What types of games are available on Funzpoints Casino?

Funzpoints offers a total of 60 video slots, with 15 available in Standard mode and the full catalog accessible in Premium mode.

4. How can users contact customer support at Funzpoints Casino?

Customer support is available via email and through the casino’s Facebook page, but there is no live chat service.

5. In which states is Funzpoints Casino accessible?

Funzpoints is available in most US states, except Idaho, and is accessible on the latest versions of Google Chrome and Safari browsers.
funzpoints casino logo

1,000 SP$2.5 in SC

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