Our Mission

Swima.net is committed to delivering professionally tested and unbiased reviews of both sweepstakes and crypto casinos. Our mission centers on offering reliable and trustworthy gambling platforms for our users. We meticulously analyze each casino to ensure our evaluations are comprehensive and impartial, guiding you to make informed decisions. Whether you're a seasoned gambler or new to the scene, Swima.net equips you with the essential information needed to navigate the complexities of online gambling safely. Trust us to help you find the most reputable and secure gambling experiences available.

Our Team

At the heart of our operation, our team of seven diverse individuals brings a unique blend of skills and passion to the world of online gambling. Each member's journey intersects with a shared passion for gaming, solidifying our foundation as long-time friends and enthusiasts who turned a hobby into a thriving business.

Our team comprises:

  • Casino Analysts: With a keen eye for detail and a deep understanding of gambling metrics, our analysts ensure that all content is accurate, insightful, and enhances the betting experience.
  • Engineer: Our technical wizard keeps our website running smoothly, constantly innovating to improve user experience and site functionality.
  • Designers: Creativity is at their core, crafting visually appealing layouts that not only attract but also retain users by providing an intuitive navigation experience.
  • Copywriters: Experts in persuasion and information, our writers produce compelling content that educates and engages our audience.
  • Marketing Specialists: With their finger on the pulse of the market, they devise strategies that enhance our visibility and connect authentically with our community.

Core Values

Our core values center around integrity, innovation, and community. We believe in providing a trustworthy platform that resonates with both seasoned bettors and newcomers. By fostering a culture of continuous improvement and openness, we stay ahead of industry trends and provide top-tier service.


We distinguish ourselves through a commitment to user-friendly design and exceptional content quality. Unlike others in our field, we prioritize user education through comprehensive guides and honest reviews, ensuring our users make informed decisions.


We take pride in our educational blog series which has become a go-to resource for gamblers worldwide, helping them understand the nuances of betting. Our interactive tools and calculators have been lauded for their accuracy and ease of use, contributing significantly to smarter betting practices.

Community Engagement

Our engagement with the community extends beyond mere transactions. We host webinars, participate in forums, and actively seek feedback to understand and address the needs of our users. Our approach ensures that we are not just a website, but a valuable resource and ally to the gambling community.

What we do

At our core, we specialize in providing high-quality, meticulously researched casino reviews, ensuring our users receive the most reliable and comprehensive information available. Recognized for our expertise in this area, we help gamblers navigate the complex world of online casinos with ease and confidence. Alongside our top-notch reviews, we offer detailed guides tailored to both novices and experienced players, enhancing their understanding and strategies. Additionally, we keep our community informed with the latest gambling news, keeping them updated on industry trends, legislative changes, and cutting-edge developments. Our commitment is to empower our users with knowledge and insights that lead to better, more informed gambling decisions.

Elina Blagoeva

Elina Blagoeva is a graduate of KDG in Antwerp, Belgium, where she majored in Multimedia and Creative Technologies. With hands-on experience in digital marketing from her internships, she excelled as a website assistant for top casino media sites, focusing on content strategies and SEO. Elina is skilled in content creation, digital advertising, and performance analysis, and is dedicated to continuous learning in digital marketing. In her spare time, she enjoys e-gaming and snowboarding.

Stefan Naumov

Stefan Naumov is a technical content writer who began his career after graduating from New Bulgarian University in Sofia, Bulgaria. He joined Telerik in 2015, enhancing his skills in researching and reviewing software products, and later furthered his expertise at Progress Software. Combining his IT background and passion for gaming, Stefan transitioned to writing detailed reviews and articles for gaming platforms. As a devoted fan of Dota 2 and Valorant, his personal gaming experiences contribute to his insightful strategies, especially for mid lane champions like Zed, Yasuo, and LeBlanc, making him a respected figure in the gaming community.

martin profile

Martin Vatev

Martin Vatev is a journalist whose career started at the Technical University of Dortmund, where he specialized in factual reporting and digital media. In 2016, he moved to Sofia, Bulgaria, to focus on the IT sector, with a particular emphasis on digital storytelling and esports. His passion for esports, especially League of Legends, aligns with his dedication to media, ensuring he delivers precise and up-to-date stories in the ever-evolving media landscape.

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